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Hair Care Tips

    Treat your extensions like you would your real hair. Don't be afraid of it. Wash it weekly and give it a good comb through, daily. If you don't detangle daily, it can cause unnecessary hair loss and tangle. This is also important when you remove the track or washing your extensions.

    Raw Hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed and intact. We provide you with 100% raw hair and this means not all bundles will have the exact wave or curly pattern. JN Beauty comes from a single donor with all the cuticles intact, running in the same direction. This adds to the premium value of your extensions. Each bundle is 3.5 ounces. 

      •  At night use a silk bonnet or scarf and satin pillow case while lying in bed. It’s best to braid or wrap your extensions before bed. Damage can be caused while sleeping, due to your hair being roughed up and tangled. A silk pillow will help give a more slippery surface for the hair and will avoid excess friction resulting in less repeated styling and brushing of your hair and your extensions.
            • Denman Paddle brushes are highly recommended. It is the best way to brush out your extensions. A paddle brush can be beneficial for combing out your wet hair, using it as you wrap your hair up for the night, and even a quick brush throughout the day.
            • Deep-condition like you would your own hair. Hot oil treatments and steam treatments are important to maintaining manageability.
            • Wash hair weekly or bi-weekly with sulfate free shampoo followed by moisturizing conditioner and rinse well with cool water only. Avoid going to bed with damp hair. Also make sure your own hair dries properly after you wash and condition. If not, you could encourage mildew-not a healthy or pleasant-smelling scalp condition. Invest in a hooded dryer. Clip varying sections up so that the heat can get to your hair underneath. Once your hair is dry, style as usual.
            • Monitor the amount of use for hot styling tools. Top stylists recommend when using your styling tools going with the lowest heat setting possible and don't hold it on your hair or extensions any more than necessary. One thing about our bundles, you really don’t have to, curls stay in easily and you can add a silk scarf at night and still have a curl pattern in the morning.

             If you have any questions feel free to email us,